We are concerned citizens of Napanee who say NO to rezoning for permanent Hot Asphalt Plant on the edge of our town. Learn more and have your voice heard below.

Why We Care - And Why You Should Too!

This website was created BY residents of Greater Napanee  to keep business owners and residents informed on the proposed re-zoning of a section of land at 8205 County Road 2, just east of the town, to allow for the development of a permanent asphalt plant.

Given the unpredictable direction and velocity of winds, all of us, regardless of where we live in Greater Napanee, can count on our quality of life to be adversely affected in a number of ways and for many years to come. This will affect hospitals, retirement homes, schools, commercial enterprises and your homes.

All citizens should be concerned about the following:


There is a risk of significant negative consequences for health. The proposed industrial activities are recognized producers of noise, air and environmental pollution.


Heavy truck traffic resulting in increasing levels of noise, dust, and congestion in our Town. Unsightly emission stacks and silos dominating the urban landscape.


We risk a significant decrease in the value of property in proximity to the site, resulting in an increased tax burden to property owners in other areas of the Town.

Current News and Updates

Latest Developments

In May 2022 Tomlinson appealed the Town of Greater Napanee Council’s unanimous decision, to disallow a zoning by-law amendment, that would see a permanent hot mix asphalt plant constructed and operated at a gravel pit, dangerously close to downtown Napanee. Our group has retained Canadian Environmental Law Association lawyers Rick Lindgren and Jacqueline Wilson to represent the Keep Napanee Great in support of the Town’s refusal to grant the requested rezoning. We have applied for party status to participate in the Ontario Land Tribunal appeal. A case management conference has been set for Sept. 20, 2022.

In addition, Tomlinson has applied to the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks for an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) under the Environmental Protection Act. If approved, the ECA would allow the following chemicals from the site to be emitted into the air:

Carbon monoxide
Crystalline silica
Nickel Naphthalene
Sulphur dioxide
Suspended particulate matter
Products of combustion such as nitrogen oxides

KNG filed our comments and objections with the ERO by the deadline of August 20, 2022 as did several other Napanee citizens. Hopefully our submissions will be persuasive to the MECP as they deliberate whether to approve this controversial ECA.


The services of an Air Quality Expert have been retained.

KNG is retaining science experts to conduct the independent studies needed to provide evidence for our case.


Experts cost money. Therefore Keep Napanee Great has had to begin some serious fundraising initiatives. You can help by donating through our GoFundMe page, or simply sending a cheque. You can be anonymous or recognized: Your choice. We also need volunteers to go out and fundraise on our behalf. Sign up for an hour or two of your time at keepnapaneegreat@gmail.com or on the facebook page.

Past News

On June 17th, 2021 R.W. Tomlinson Ltd was awarded Environmental Compliance Approval (ERO #019-2291, ECA #2456-BZ7P6H) for a mobile Concrete Batching Plant to be operated somewhere in Ontario, with permitted contaminant emissions into the atmosphere of over 109,000,000 cubic meters/year. Placed end-to-end, those contaminant, toxic emissions could build a highway one meter high by one meter wide that circles the globe THREE TIMES in just one year! We believe - based on the application - that this permit could used is to operate a Concrete Batching Plant at the Don Hart quarry site in Napanee. Keep Napanee Great has submitted an Application for Leave to Appeal this decision on behalf of the residents of Napanee, as well as other small towns with vulnerable residential areas and delicate ecosystems.

We won an important victory at the municipal level. On April 5, 2022 the Town Council of The Town of Greater Napanee voted unanimously to deny Tomlinson’s application for a re-zoning amendment of its gravel pit to allow a permanent hot mix asphalt plant to be constructed and operated.

Where is the Site?

The subject of the rezoning application is just east of the town of Napanee, on County Road 2. We encourage the growth of the industry in our Town but are gravely concerned about the proximity of the plant to our downtown and residential buildings. The proposed location is located within 300 meters of current residential properties, 750 meters to the upcoming (2023) Stone Ridge Condos, 900 meters to Napanee River, 1.1 kilometres to Spring Side park, 900 meters to The Royal Coachman, 1.25 kilometres to the new Gibbard District, 1.3 kilometres to the intersection at Alma Avenue, 1.7 kilometres to Southview Public School, 1.8 kilometres from Rotary Park.


What Can I Do?


Join us in the Facebook Group, and send an email to keepnapaneegreat@gmail.com to get on the mailing list


Keep Napanee Great - a registered non-profit corporation - has launched a GoFundMe Page where you can donate as much or as little as you would like. All funds go to support Keep Napanee Great in the fight to preserve and protect the town of Napanee and its environment and will be used for expert testimony (and advice), independent scientific studies, bookkeeping and banking fees, facility rentals (for public meetings) and other costs of opposing threats to our environment. Donate Today!

Lawn Signs

If you haven't already, put up a lawn sign in your front yard and let the community know where you stand. There are still a very few available that can be acquired by sending an email to keepnapaneegreat@gmail.com or posting a message on the Facebook Group.

Volunteer to be on the KNG Board

We need new Board members with a background in corporate non-profits, accounting and fundraising. If you have time to spare, please contact Casey Wells cewells@live.ca or phone 613 242-1685

Speak Up!

Spread the word to family, friends and neighbours. Make them aware of the negative long-term effects that rezoning of this area will have on the Town of Greater Napanee if this proposed amendment is allowed to pass.

We will make a difference together! Stay strong and we will protect our families, farms and future!

Coalition for Keeping Napanee Great

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